Animals and Insects in Bangladesh
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(For BBC) A Tragic Life of a woman

April 8, 2009

       One year ago Tuni got married. She was eighteen years old. Her husband was a day laborer and an uneducated person. Tuni had a lot of dreams about her husband and her father-in-laws house. She used to dream about a happy family which was surrounded by love and happiness. She started her marriage life […]

Squirrels of Bangladesh

March 25, 2009

As other animal, Squirrels are also going to extinct. There is a rhyme, written by the national poet of Bangladesh about squirrel, named ‘Katbirali’. It says “squirrels, do you eat guava? Do you eat lemon?” We know that the squirrels damage our fruits in trees. However, they do not have sufficient to eat though because […]

The Common Kingfisher (Machranga)

March 25, 2009

            It is common in Bangladesh to see a bird in a little pond stand on a stick and waiting to catch a fish. The bird is called Machranga in bangla but the english name is Commom Kingfisher. The combination of blue in its body attracts everyone. This is very fast bird which has a […]